Superior to traditional car wash

High pressure steam generated is hot enough to break down grease and dirt and lift them off from car surface


Cleaner and eco-friendly

Clean filtered water and biodegradable that is gentle to your car paint. Tap water and chemical cleansers contains acidic impurities that damage car paint


More powerful and more quality

Remove and prevent minor water mark effectively, leaving your car cleaned and sterilized


Better protection

Water wax that protects the car paint from sunlight UV rays, dirts and minor scratches. Makes your car glossy and looks brand new again


Save time and money

Gone are the days of wasting valuable time and petrol money making a trip to have your car washed. Now, once you sign up, the rest is up to us. We wash and wax while you relax


We Do It RIght For The First Time Or We Do It Again

Experience first-class cleaning services for second-class price. As much as we care about the exterior of the car, we want you to experience a healthier, cleaner interior as well. We create the perfect shine, everytime!

Go Green

We love our customers, we love our team, but most of all, we love our earth. WashPal consumes only 2L of water per car(varies according to size and condition of car) Also, our eco-friendly products are meant for superior cleaning while being kind to your car paint.


Register and choose the package

Provide all relevant information.

Get your car washed, cleaned & sterilized.

WashPal technician will attend to your car at your parking bay,
fully equipped, while you relax at home.

Provide feedback

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we always improve our service.