“A standard garden hose uses about 37 litres of water per minute”
How much water would you then need if it were a 10 minute car wash?

Founded in 2017, WashPal aims to redefine our car washing experience by delivering a convenient and eco-friendly car wash service to its customers’ doorstep. Our state-of-the-art ecological steam
cleaning system acts as an alternative future-oriented washing method that can save water resources given the current water scarcity situation ( using only 2-3 litres of water per car).

Built for people who hates the inconvenient and frustrating visits to car wash facilities, our customers can now spend more time at work, home or the gym while we take care of the dirty business-leaving their vehicle spotless.

Join us as we create a sustainable future together.

Who We Are


WashPal seeks to provide a unique, convenient, affordable and a great car wash service to our customers efficiently,
while coming together to contribute to a more environmentally sustainable future,
one car wash at a time.


To revolutionize the car washing experience while designing a vision of a sustainable future.

Our Core Values


We believe in the importance of providing high value service that we stand behind, which ensures customer satisfaction , the future of our employees and our growth.


We behave in a manner that demonstrates honesty, courage, trust, consistency and taking ownership with willingness to receive constructive feedback.


For the people at WashPal, we bring people and technology together to minimize our environmental impact and reduce waste while increasing our operational efficiency and contribute to a healthy planet.


The only constant is change and improvement. Here at Washpal, we constantly value and encourage personal and professional development with our team as we embrace opportunities and being ahead of the game.